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  1. Who is Medical Care Receiver?

A Medical Care Receiver can be patient or acquaintance to patient, who wish to book service on behalf of patient!

  1. Who is Medical Care Giver?

A Medical Care Giver is a professional, providing host of medical services. Medical Care Giver could be Doctor, Nurse, Medical Store and Pathlab or a Hospital

  1. What all I need to register?

For Medical Care Receiver: Fill the online forms with personal information, photo ID, contact details, medical history, etc

For Medical Care Giver: Fill the online forms with registration/license details, photo ID, service offered, professional profile, etc. Once profile is create with require details, its get authenticated by Medhola team and after authentication only profile will be made live to users.

  1. How reliable are medical care giver?

All listed medical care giver under go strict listing process taking all relevant information to check their authenticity.

  1. What kind of services can I book through Medhola?

You can book non-emergency services and non-surgical services. Like in case you are booking doctors, we take visit request for General Physician, Pediatrics, Physiotherapists, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors

  1. How customer will know medical care giver has accepted my booking (intimation)?

                1. SMS and Mobile App notification

                2. Call from call center in case of ambiguity/issue

  1. What if medical care giver not available to attend the customer request:

                1. Request would Time-Out in within a pre-set time period

                2. Post which customer may chose other available medical care giver

  1. What is the cost of Medical Service offered by Medhola?

Medical Services starts as low as from Rs. 150 per visits and depends upon the kind of medical service been booked by customer.

  1. How I can make payments?

Initially its cash on service, team would be integrating mobile wallet and online payments options soon.

For any additional queries and concern, please visit our Contact Us section and post your query.